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An Allons Business Solutions (ABS) education prepares students and entrepreneurs to learn, grow, and prosper. ABS shapes our curriculum around how we want students to learn, helping them discover new abilities and achieve greater success.

ABS is uniquely qualified to provide training and education due to our collective previous experience and current work. This allows us to simplify management efforts by building a strong educator-student partnership.

ABS has developed a staffing approach that provides a skilled, multifunctional team tailored and matrixed to realize staffing efficiencies across the entire spectrum of the education and training environment. The result is a highly skilled and experienced TEAM that provides students and entrepreneurs high confidence for project success.

Our combined knowledge of strategy, training and education, business management, and online training are what make the ABS TEAM the right choice.

Our goal is to transfer our knowledge and expertise to the student and that they become skilled experts in their chosen education field. We stay at the top of our game by educating ourselves on the best and latest training and certifications methodologies.


Our customers are our family. We want you to succeed and not waste time doing so. ABS has a customer support help ticket system that provides a response within 24 hours. How about speaking with a “live” representative for a change? You will not be forwarded to a voice mail system. Each of our administrative staff is knowledgeable in all aspect of our services in order to help you understand your best option for issue resolution.

Our staff ensures that all educational materials such as training manuals are up to date and correct. This is the “behind the scenes” team that is credited with implementing quality workshops for you.

Meet Our TEAM

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David R. McClean US Army Colonel (Ret), (MA, BA, BB, PM) built a career in a variety of roles and industries, where he conceptualized, planned, and executed numerous multi-million dollar projects. The majority of those projects were based in strategic and operational planning, process improvement (Lean Six Sigma) and the development of policy and workplace education and training curriculum and programs. His proven expertise as a trainer, leader, mentor, and facilitator for collaboration with all levels of an organizational hierarchy, has significantly improved organizations bottom line. He is skilled in measuring, assessing, and guiding both individual and organizational knowledge needs by designing and implementing effective management principles and processes. His expertise in strategic planning resulted in his international selling book: Strategic Planning: as Simple as A, B, C.

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Gary Marrer (MBA, MS.Ed.) career has spanned numerous roles in the information technology industry for more than thirty years as developer, manager, and educator. He has worked for a variety of organizations from fortune 500 to small and mid-sized companies starting with mid-sized and mainframe computers to more recently web based mobile program development. He has a strong background in project management and agile development methodology. He has worked as trainer and full-time faculty member in higher education. He has developed a textbook on object-oriented programming and developed numerous online course modules focusing on technology topics and technology management.

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Randy Etter US Navy Captain (Ret) (BSE, MA, Ed.S) has extensive experience in advanced instructional design, training, and development. For the past 17 years, he has produced innovative workforce development training that aligned with post-secondary institutions’ strategic plans and goals, and developed training to meet safety and regulatory requirements for advanced manufacturers and other businesses. Mr. Etter is accomplished in the development of highly advanced technical education, training assessments, and mentoring/coaching, specializing in using the latest technology in program design, development, and delivery. He is a certified Career Education Director and secondary teacher, a Master Training Specialist (US Navy) and a Certified Production Technician (CPT) instructor for the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council.

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Jennifer Tuttle (BA, BS, MBA, MFA) has over twenty years of business education and management experience working in the military, government, and university environments. She has spearheaded initiatives in the transportation industry that led to increased efficiency and accountability nation-wide. She also developed a verification process within the veterans administration that increased verification times, eliminated waste, and cut spending.